Honourable Artillery Company Wedding Photographer

A Wedding At The Honourable Artillery Company

Ok ok ok ok ok ok. Where on earth do I start with this blog post. Tini and Frank’s Wedding at the Honourable Artillery Company had crazy Afrobeat dancers, vibrantly colourful Sari’s, green leaves, Japanese speeches, a traditional white dress and army folk doing drills with canons. It was like a cultural assault on the senses in a 100% good way.Bear tophat

I’ve got a terrible reputation for saying things like “it was the best time ever!”, it’s a family joke and I say it about everything new but what can I say, I just really enjoy my job! What I can hand on heart say is that I am massively unlikely to ever photograph such a fusion of cultures and colours in such a setting ever again. The chances must be lottery style odds!

With Franks family arriving in London from Japan and Tini’s family journeying down from Lancashire not to mention both Tini and Frank making the journey from the Solomon Islands (just for fun, take a look at how far that is on a map!) and Burma, they all descended upon the Honourable Artillery Company for their wedding day. As a photographer who gets a massive buzz from documenting people this was a complete dream, if you have time go and have a read of how I approach each wedding and it’ll make even more sense why this particular wedding blew me away!

London is an amazing city. No question. But this venue is a one off. Facing one way you have the glory and history of the British Empire with canons and brass decking out the lawn in front. Face the other way and you have a wall of lights and glass of the modern city. When the night falls it’s quite a sight.

Maybe you should grab some Sushi for this one rather than a biscuit for a change and get in the spirit. Here is Tini and Franks story…

Jackson & Co Photography | Wedding At The Honourable Artillery Company

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