Stoke Place Wedding Photographer | Nicole & El’ad

026 jewish wedding photographer 2The last few weeks have absolutely whizzed by in a blur of turkey, trimmings and now significantly tighter Christmas Jumpers. Just before all of the festive madness kicked in we had a great day with Nicole & El’ad and our first time at Stoke Place for a wedding. Winter weddings are special, Christmas weddings even more so. The cosy atmosphere and excitement in the air at Stoke Place was electric and we had the best time with them all day long.

Stoke Place is a stunning wedding venue all year round with gorgeous gardens, grand lakes and sumptuous interiors with window light that floods in and is a real joy to make wedding photos in. The ceremony room is a stunning suite with lofted ceilings and for Nicole & El’ads Jewish ceremony the Chuppah was setup under silk drapes with candles dotting their way up the aisle. It was absolutely beautiful and a perfect setting for a winter wedding with candlelight and fairy lights creating a wonderful ambience.

Later in the evening, after some hilarious speeches came the traditional dancing. We’ve photographed several Jewish Weddings now over the past few years but the ferocity of the dance floor never ceases to surprise and amaze me! Arms and legs flying everywhere, spinning and twirling people and us in the middle trying to keep our composure and capture as many energetic frames as we possibly can. My favourite memory of this day was of the comically low ceiling at Stoke Place and both Nicole & El’ad having to put their arms up to stop themselves from being hurled up into it!

Below are a few highlights from their day. If you’re getting married at Stoke Place we’d love to hear from you so get in touch!

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