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Should I Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer?

Earlier this week my laptop went ping and the email below appeared in my inbox. A big grin spread across my face as a I read it. If you’ve ever asked yourself “Should I  Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer?” then Clare & Andy’s words describe far better than I can why I do what I do and what I try to achieve every time I pick up my cameras and head out the door to photograph a wedding.Bear wed

It’s not about the gear, it’s not about the experience, the insurance or anything else. You’re investing in a photographers creativity and vision of your day. You’re investing in your own story.

I think this subject warrants a longer blog post one day detailing all of the positives that having a professional wedding photographer there on your day can bring. But for now, here is what Clare & Andy had to say alongside a few photographs from their day.

Jackson & Co Photography | Should I Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer?

“Hi Michael, hope you and Hannah are well. 

This is a very, very belated email to thank you for our amazing wedding photos. It was such a lovely surprise to receive them so beautifully gift boxed.

Your photos have captured each and every emotion we felt on the day, from the chaos and excitement of getting ready, the nervous anticipation of walking down the aisle, to the quieter moments of reflection when we were able to take a bit of a breather, away from the excitement of the party. 

Every time we look at your photographs we are instantly transported back to our special day and all of those magical moments come alive again; the raucous speeches, our guests enjoying the warm weather, cocktails and croquet, the wrestle for the bouquet, and all of the laughter and dancing. 

So many happy memories were created on our wedding day and they have all been carefully and imaginatively documented in your photos so that we can enjoy them for the rest of our lives. We’re so glad we booked you as our photographer and we can honestly say you were a joy to work with. We wish you every success with your business and career.”

Reading emails like these makes me swell with pride, if you’d like to you can have a read through some more kind words that previous couples have had to say. You can also have a read of a more in depth post about how I approach a typical wedding day. Have a great weekend everyone!

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