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I’ve known Phil & Caroline for years and years now and over that time my career as a Kent Wedding Photographer has progressed bit by bit. Usually what happens is that I will go out and buy some new gear. My wife frowns. Then I ring Phil and say “wanna go out and play, I’ve got new toys!?”. Phil’s not exactly shy of the camera and that’s playing it down a little so he’s always up for a trip out to do some posing. Fortunately, him and Caroline are an awesome couple and fantastic to photograph.

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Every Wedding Collection that I offer comes with a Pre Wedding shoot included. As a Kent Wedding Photographer I’m pretty much spoiled for choice for cool locations to go to. These shoots are completely designed for you to feel at ease with the camera, to get to know me and for me to get to know you. If you’re anxious at all about being photographed – and most people are, trust me – then this is a great time to work out those nerves.

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I have very few rules full stop but one thing I try my best to encourage you to do is to go somewhere completely different to your wedding venue. If you’re having a beautiful, romantic, very pretty and floral country wedding then take the chance to get in amongst the hustle and bustle of the city for the afternoon. Make the most of the colours and textures that an urban environment can offer. If you’re already having a city wedding then take a few hours out to get to the coast and stroll along the shore and under the piers. That way you end up having two completely different sets of photographs that you love that are completely different.

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Brighton is maybe the best of both worlds. There are cracked, textured and crumbling graffitied streets in abundance. You also have cute little winding lanes right alongside the glorious sea front and the dilapidated old West Pier. It’s completely bohemian and you can while away more than a few hours here. Phil and Caroline were terrific and the sun shone all morning to the point that we had to finish off with an ice cream on the seafront!

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