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Peter & Dermot | Orchardleigh House Weddings

Fairground Wedding

Now I’ll put my hands up and say that this was my first time photographing this venue but I’d gamble that Orchardleigh House Weddings are always beautiful. It’s a gorgeous setting, the staff were brilliant and the whole place pretty much bowled me over from the minute we arrived.

But I’d bet my last penny that they have never seen anything as jaw droppingly extravagant as Dermot and Peter’s big day. If you love documenting the characters that make up a wedding day like I do then this celebration was right up there with the best that I’ve ever photographed. Dermot and Peter’s friends were amazing and I laughed so hard at times I had to remind myself I was there to work.Bear balloons2

I say this pretty much every time but I’m not going to say too much here but just let the pictures tell their story below.¬†What I can say is that if you’re a lover of fairgrounds, hook ‘a’ duck (in the form of the craziest table plan I’ve ever seen!), ridiculously amazing (and a little bit nauseous) spinning Waltzers plus a handfasting ceremony then you’re in for a bit of a treat today.

Thanks to Eneka Stewart for second shooting, it’s always a pleasure. I make no apologies but this post is a long one. It’s far too much fun and there’s far too much love and happiness to cut it short. So grab a cuppa and put your feet up and enjoy…

Dermot Peter 00011Dermot Peter 00401

Dermot Peter 00051Dermot Peter 00181Dermot Peter 00481Dermot Peter 00521

Dermot Peter 00951

Dermot Peter 00931

Dermot Peter 00671Dermot Peter 00691Dermot Peter 00731Dermot Peter 0124Dermot Peter 01571

Dermot Peter 01311

Dermot Peter 01471Dermot Peter 01651Dermot Peter 01751Dermot Peter 01771

Dermot Peter 01791

Dermot Peter 01821Dermot Peter 01841Dermot Peter 0191Dermot Peter 01931Dermot Peter 01991Dermot Peter 02011Dermot Peter 02051Dermot Peter 02141Dermot Peter 0237Dermot Peter 02521Dermot Peter 02841Dermot Peter 02981Dermot Peter 03001Dermot Peter 0333Dermot Peter 0351

Dermot Peter 04291Dermot Peter 03761Dermot Peter 0381Dermot Peter 03851Dermot Peter 04031

Dermot Peter 0513

Dermot Peter 05171

Dermot Peter 05251Dermot Peter 05271

Dermot Peter 04071Dermot Peter 04481Dermot Peter 0487Dermot Peter 04511Dermot Peter 04451Dermot Peter 05321

Dermot Peter 05391

Dermot Peter 05661Dermot Peter 0567Dermot Peter 05681Dermot Peter 0578Dermot Peter 05951Dermot Peter 06161Dermot Peter 06251Dermot Peter 06581Dermot Peter 06591Dermot Peter 06671

Dermot Peter 06811Dermot Peter 0683

Dermot Peter 06951

Dermot Peter 07561Dermot Peter 0759Dermot Peter 07621Dermot Peter 07641Dermot Peter 07701

Dermot Peter 07191

Dermot Peter 07221Dermot Peter 07361

Dermot Peter 07291

Dermot Peter 07901

Dermot Peter 07391Dermot Peter 07951

Dermot Peter 08031Dermot Peter 07141Dermot Peter 05541

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