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Nicky & Toby | Tipi Wedding Photographer

Tipi Wedding Photographer-87The best evening party we’ve ever been too? Yep, I reckon it probably was. Looking back at these photos from Nicky & Toby’s Tipi Wedding earlier this summer and it all comes crashing back to me just how much fun and completely bananas it got when the sun went down. I’ve been holding back from blogging this wedding in full and wanted to wait until it had been featured on the gorgeous wedding blog Whimsical Wonderland Weddings a few weeks ago. I’ve been lucky enough do be a Tipi Wedding Photographer a few times this summer and the atmosphere they create in the evening with the twinkly lights and glitter balls is fantastic.Bear-summer

Ok, back to the start. Nicky started the day drinking champagne and getting ready with her bridesmaids at the beautiful Linden House Hotel before moving on to Great Dunmow Maltings for the wedding ceremony itself. There were a few gentle tears and lots of rip roaring belly laughs before Nicky and Toby roared off up the road towards Toby’s parents house in their vintage Mini.

With mini bottles of Flugel being thrown down and the music being provided by the inimitable Paul Dobie the party went nuts! The rest of the story kind of tells itself and I don’t want to say too much more other than an enormous thank you to Nicky and Toby for being so completely fantastic, for welcoming us in on the day and allowing us to get so close to their friends and family in order to create these photographs. Here’s the story of their day…

Jackson & Co Photography | Tipi Wedding Photographer

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