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Mayra & Adam | Wedding At Bradbourne House

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Today the blogging marathon continues! I almost feel guilty that this has sat on my desktop waiting to be blogged for three weeks now, it’s a disgrace. Mayra and Adam held their wedding at Bradbourne House which is probably the closest wedding to home that we’ve ever shot. In a fix, we could run back to our house to replace torn trousers, chocolate stained shirts, or grab plasters for blistered fingers from hitting the shutter so much!Bear-summer

Mayra has been one of the most entertaining brides we’ve ever had, brimming with ideas and enthusiasm and always grinning and laughing whenever we’ve seen her.

She also has one of the most brilliant families who flew in from Italy, New York and Brazil to be with them on their wedding day. Her Dad especially was just amazing. As a photographer all you really want is for people to wear their hearts on their sleeves, to smile and laugh, to cry, to clap their hands together and shout to the rooftops with pride, which is exactly how he was all afternoon.

The evening finished with a bang with fireworks lighting up the nights sky. If you’re planning a wedding at Bradbourne House then you’re in for a treat, the ceremony room is gorgeous and the grounds around the house, especially at sunset, are beautiful.

For now here are a handful of previews of Mayra & Adams wedding day. Congrats you guys, you were awesome!

Jackson & Co Photography | Wedding At Bradbourne House
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