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Kathryn & Adam | Honnington Farm Gardens Wedding

Honnington Farm Gardens Wedding Photography

Sitting here rubbing After Sun into my pretty severely burned forehead it’s tricky to work out where to start with this one, but my word it was a blast. Kathryn & Adam held their wedding at Honnington Farm Gardens near Tunbridge Wells in Kent this weekend. Honnington Farm Gardens is a fairly new wedding venue but it’s hard to imagine a better setting when the sun is crackling down like it was on Saturday.Bear summer1

Kathryn & Adam live in Bangkok but travelled home to celebrate their wedding. Both of them are simply¬†awesome not to mention absolutely hilarious, Hannah and I love them to bits, they rock. Their guests love them even more, it must be pretty hard sometimes living so far away from people that you’re close to, so Saturday was just an explosion of love and happiness, the laughter just didn’t stop all day and late into the night. I could still hear it as I was climbing into my car late that night which was pretty cool.

Hannah and I couldn’t have asked for two more fantastic people to photograph, both Kathryn & Adam were incredibly laid back and easy to work with and were more than up for having a little fun along the way. It was more like being a guest at a wedding than a photographer which is no bad thing – thank you guys!

Along with beautiful country gardens we also got bottles and bottles of homemade flavoured Gin and lots of Pimm’s, jealous horses, the hilarious and talented Harry Fandango, guests invading the stage, and an amazing wedding dress. I’ve used the word amazing too much haven’t I? Ho hum.

I’m going to do a full blog post on this wedding another day but wanted to just put a few previews up as they head off to California on their honeymoon, have an amazing time both of you, you deserve it!

Jackson & Co Photography | Honnington Farm Gardens Wedding

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Jackson & Co Photography | Honnington Farm Gardens Wedding