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Fun Wedding Photographer | Nick & Mini

I like to think of myself as a pretty nice guy and a fun wedding photographer who doesn’t take himself too seriously. So you can imagine how happy I was driving home from Nick & Mini’s wedding (even though it was the dead of night and hammering down with rain) after being a part of one the most hilarious and fantastic days I’ve ever been privileged to document. It goes without saying that your wedding day should be all about you and you should be having a whale of a time whilst surrounded by your adoring friends and family. Nick and Mini’s wedding this past weekend was just that and a whole heap more.Bear umbrella

Nick and Mini were married by Mini’s uncle at the church in the village where she grew up before holding their reception at the frankly astoundingly cool Yeo Valley Spaces. Word has it that they had to pretty much plead, beg, borrow and steal to hold it there and it was worth it a million times over. Their day was a ridiculous amount of fun in spite of the torrential downpour going on outside. I’d say that it’s pretty rare for me to snort with laughter during the readings in the church but that’s just what happened!

Hannah and I both cried at the speeches as per usual (I really must pull myself together and man up soon!) and laughed until we were red in the face pretty much all day long. It was just a truly amazing day with one of the most welcoming families I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. One day soon I’ll blog a lot more from their incredible day but for now here are just a very small handful of previews to send them away on their mini-moon!

Fun Wedding Photographer | Jackson & Co Photography

Nick Mini Preview 1Nick Mini Preview 2Nick Mini Preview 3Nick Mini Preview 4Nick Mini Preview 5Nick Mini Preview 6

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