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An Evening Stroll | Lake Garda Wedding Photographer

Now this is a bit of a special one for me. Being a Lake Garda Wedding Photographer is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and when I photographed Sean and Mel’s wedding in Malcesine last year it was one of the best photographic experiences that I’ve ever had. So when Stuart and Sarah got in touch to ask if I wanted to go back to Italy and photograph their wedding ceremony then I just smiled from ear to ear and booked myself a plane ticket.

Being a Destination Wedding Photographer is incredible. But it’s also a very different experience to photographing a wedding here in the UK. For starters, I get to spend a lot more time with the couple. I get to have some dinner and drinks and get to know them a lot better.Bear summer

On this occasion we were sat right in the old harbour sipping on a few cold Aperol Spritz’s (It’s some kind of orange looking gin and tonic type drink, it’s delicious!) and talking over the plans for the wedding day and the celebration out on the boat on the lake afterwards.

Looking out across the lake I can see these enormous, scary looking clouds starting to form and local photographers rushing down to the jetty to take pictures of the storm brewing ( take a look at these pictures of theĀ storm!) Literally seconds later that same storm crashed down around us with the clouds moving along the mountain tops like lightening (of which there was plenty as well), the umbrellas above us shattered covering us all in splinters of wood, tables tipped over. To cut a long story short we all took cover. Stuart and Sarah running back to their hotel only to end up covered in broken glass when a window blew in and Hannah and I to the nearest underground bar that we could find to shelter to the storm.

The locals just took one look at us and laughed and said “Ahhh it’ll be gone in twenty minutes, this is Garda!”. They were right. No more than 30 minutes later we walking back to our hotel through the puddles in glorious sunshine and sat out eating pizza on the lake side later that evening.

Malcesine is an amazing place, the views are incredible, the water crystal clear and cold, it’s just a beautiful place to get married. So the night before Stuart and Sarah tied the knot we all took a little evening stroll along from the bustling little town out along the shore of the lake to make some pictures. This is what happened….

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